GripStrip's Instagram Contest!

GripStrip's Instagram Contest!

This month we thought we’d have a little fun before the kids go back to school. We thought sending our followers on a treasure hunt would get the whole family involved and possibly get them checking out new trails and paths around their local area. We thought our followers would like the chance to go out for a nice meal just for taking a picture!


Instagram Contest Reminder

You see, we’ve asked our followers to keep their ‘eyes peeled’ for any GripStrips they see when they’re out and about.  If they see some GripStrips, then they can take a picture and upload it to their Instagram account, follow us, tag us and put #GripStripFound as their hashtag.  Then they are entered to win a $100 gift certificate to the Keg!  We chose the Keg because our local Keg restaurant has GripStrips on their stairs and we love their food.


We often have customers reach out to us and send us pictures of our products when they see them, sometimes in places where you may not expect to find them!  We love it when our product means so much that people are inspired to share with us.  It means a great deal to us and to celebrate how much we appreciate you, our followers and customers, we’ve created this latest Instagram Contest.  


The contest closes at midnight August 31st, so there is still some time left! If you aren’t already following us on Instagram, then please drop on by and see what we have to say.  You can also find hints of where to find GripStrips based on the pictures we’ve posted.  And hey, you may even wind up winning our contest!  For all the details, please have a look here: GripStrips Instagram Contest


If you’d like to learn more about where to find and purchase GripStrips, please click here: GripStrips.


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Customer Reviews

  • "Around here, moss grows overnight. It makes everything very slippery. My condo association recently installed Gripstrips on our wooden walkways that get slippery in the winter. They have reduced the number of people falling to ZERO this winter! We place them two feet apart, and it's enough to stop a skid before it becomes a fall. They are the best product ever. (I've used chickenwire stapled down (painful), and composition roof tiles (ugly). GripStrips are attractive and they work!! GREAT PRODUCT!!"

    Janey Bennett
  • "After discovering this product at a consumer tradeshow, I contacted GRIPSTRIP on behalf of a number of Strata Corporations that I manage. These buildings have now used GRIPSTRIPs on exterior wooden stair systems to reduce the likelihood of slip and falls and the product has proven to be very effective. On my personal strata in Whistler, BC, we have used this product on all of our exterior stair systems and the product has proven to work very well with both rain and snow and has been quite durable in spite of constant shoveling of snow from these stairs.

    Ross Ruddick, Strata Manager, CrossRoads Management