Trick or Treat, Not Slip and Trip!

Trick or Treat, Not Slip and Trip!

Kids don’t walk - they run. FAST. Add the excitement of getting candy at each doorstep and you can yell “slow down!” until you’re hoarse … they’re not going to hear a word. So every October 31, parents arm their kids the best they can with some good-soled shoes or boots and cross their fingers that Halloween night won’t end in tears, or worse yet, a trip to the ER. 

According to, falls account for more than half of all children’s injuries and that include falls up or down - you guessed it - stairs. It’s especially common for toddlers to take a tumble on stairs since they are still developing their balance. Going on a normal walk with a toddler can be stressful enough, but Halloween presents a whole new list of challenges: Bulky or draping costumes, dim light, hands preoccupied with gripping that candy bag, and slippery outdoor conditions all contribute to slips, trips, and falls. Tricky, and definitely not a treat. 

Imagine the relief those tired, cold parents will feel when they step up to your property to find handy and attractive GripStrips installed on your wood steps? Now that’s sweet. 

You can also make sure all those trick-or-treaters are safe by clearing slippery fallen leaves off your walkways, making sure your entrance way is well-lit, and keeping your pets away from the door even if they are super-friendly. 

It’s not too late to prepare for October’s busiest night of the year, or for anyone visiting your doorstep this fall and winter. Easy to install and available in several attractive colours, GripStrip is far superior to any so-called “non-skid” tape products, which easily curl up or rip.

Make sure no one falls on your watch. Head to your local Rona, Home Hardware, Dick’s Lumber/Curtis Lumber, or other participating store to pick up your GripStrip product today.

Happy Halloween!

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Customer Reviews

  • "Around here, moss grows overnight. It makes everything very slippery. My condo association recently installed Gripstrips on our wooden walkways that get slippery in the winter. They have reduced the number of people falling to ZERO this winter! We place them two feet apart, and it's enough to stop a skid before it becomes a fall. They are the best product ever. (I've used chickenwire stapled down (painful), and composition roof tiles (ugly). GripStrips are attractive and they work!! GREAT PRODUCT!!"

    Janey Bennett
  • "After discovering this product at a consumer tradeshow, I contacted GRIPSTRIP on behalf of a number of Strata Corporations that I manage. These buildings have now used GRIPSTRIPs on exterior wooden stair systems to reduce the likelihood of slip and falls and the product has proven to be very effective. On my personal strata in Whistler, BC, we have used this product on all of our exterior stair systems and the product has proven to work very well with both rain and snow and has been quite durable in spite of constant shoveling of snow from these stairs.

    Ross Ruddick, Strata Manager, CrossRoads Management