2019 Holiday Home Improvement Gift Guide

As the holiday season sets in and you find yourself planning to get that perfect gift item for your
best friend and family member or you want to spruce up the look of your home with some home improvement project. Whatever you may have in mind, it makes a big difference when you do something that will help you remember the year 2019. Here are a few things that you would offer as a gift for home improvement to your friends and family members:


When glue doesn’t seem to do the trick in holding together broken widgets and bits or baubles, Bondic comes in handy. The liquid plastic welder helps in attaching pieces of objects together. It cures fast and lasts a long time.

Light Build Starter Set

We always want to save energy and controlling how the bulbs can help with this. The
WeMo LED Lighting system allows you to program the lighting in your home. You won’t need the light timers, you can use this Light Bulb Starter set when in the house or away. You will have the lights switch on when darkness sets in or when the sun goes down. You can even set the lights to turn on at certain times, whether at night or during the day. This lighting control set is going to change how you interact with your home.

Esky Wireless Item Locator

Sometimes it’s very frustrating when you cannot locate an item you placed in the home. It can happen to anyone! The Esky Wireless Item Locator can help you when you find yourself in situations where you cannot find an item in your home. It saves time and prevents frustration.

You can attach the receivers to some four items that you are likely to misplace. These could be the keys or other tiny items. When you press the color-coded buttons, you can easily locate the valuables. Keys can easily be located, but you can also put the receivers anywhere say, from inside the glasses case and next to your TV remove. This is a gift item that can help the elderly in the home when they want to search for an item they have misplaced.


The holiday season is the time when you experience increased traffic in the house. It could be your guests, friends, or work colleagues paying you a visit, or coming for a
get-together. The safety of your guests or even you is very important. You will probably want to know what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping so that you and your family or guests are protected.

GripStrip offers you safety by ensuring that stairs and other surfaces are free from slip and fall. GripStrip will provide safer footing while also preventing slips and falls. These stair grips are made of tough, long-lasting material. They are resistant to pressure washing, weather, salting, and shoveling. When you place them on the stairs or outside on sidewalks, they will not peel or rip. They will also accommodate the expansion and contraction of wood, ensuring that they fit correctly on the wooden surface.

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