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Put Safety First this Winter with GripStrips

Although winter often arrives around the same time every year, we find that not many people are prepared for it. As the temperature falls and everything turns to ice, the home that was perfectly safe during the other seasons might need some reinforcements to stay that way for the chilly winter months. Life doesn’t slow down when it gets cold out and your everyday tasks usually stay the same. You’re just going through the motions with a few more layers of clothes and turning the heat up. A slip can flip yourday upside down. When winter arrives there are just a few things you must consider for your safety so that you can go about without any interruption in your schedule. To avoid this, we have a product that will make your surfaces that much more slip resistant. See why our slip proof product is great for winter safety:

Safety stair treads

Commercial business environments or homes with a lot of foliage and trees around can be a bit challenging in terms of dirt and debris accumulation on surfaces. This makes them quite slippery and can be very unsafe, especially in the winter. Your exterior stairs need some love during the winter. In case you have been worrying about what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping, then our non-slip treads are what you are looking for.

Non-slip treads make sure that your feet get a proper grip so that slipping and falling become virtually impossible. What’s more, you are guaranteed that there will be no ripping or peeling since our product is durable and weather resistant. These anti-slip stair treads will make sure that even when it’s freezing cold with snow or rain, you have the grip required to go up and down the stairs without falling.

They not only give your stairs a new look, but also add more grip between the shoe and the surface to prevent you from slipping and hurting yourself. They also work like stair grips in the sense that they create a better grip, thereby enhancing stair safety. In most cases, when people fall on the stairs, they are left hurt and can break several bones if the fall was hard enough.

While slipping occasionally is just nature, you can do your part in making sure your stairs are as safe as they could be for you and your visitors. Here are a few simple tips to avoid slips, trips, and falls during the winter season: Keep walkways, stairways, and other work areas clear. Remove hazards, such as water on floors and snow on sidewalks, immediately. When walking, look where you are going and have your hands ready to steady yourself should you slip.

There is great value in knowing with every step you take that each will be safe and slip-free. There is no need to worry this winter season about slipping, tripping, or falling if you have GripStrips.

Habits to Start in 2020 for Outside Safety on Your Property

There are a number of things that a homeowner can do to help improve their accident prevention measures around the outside of their home as well as reducing the other various outdoor hazards that might exist. From low visibility at night to trips and falls in bad weather, there are a number of concerns for poorly equipped outside areas.

When you consider the fact that there are so many preventable accidents on residential properties each year, it only makes sense to make sure you take all the reasonable precautions that you can. With that in mind, we came up with 5 ways that you can improve the outdoor safety of your home by helping to prevent accidents and reduce other risks:

Perform Regular Mini-Inspections

Even if it is nothing more than doing a basic walk-around every three or four months to see if there are any issues arising such as loose boards or bricks, slippery rugs, or other tripping hazards around your home or property, it is still a good way to start practicing safety consciousness in the New Year.

Install Stair Treads on Stairs

Stair safety is extremely important in and around outdoor walkways. Anti-slip paint is one possible solution, but for those who aren’t interested in taking on a larger project such as stripping, sanding, and repainting, safety stair treads and stair grips are much more convenient. GripStrips are a great installation option.  They are easily installed in less than a minute and provide guests and visitors with increased stability and support. GripStrips are also weather resistant which is especially helpful when your walkways are exposed to the elements like rain and snow.

Declutter the Outdoor Area

Even though it is rarely on purpose, oftentimes we just get busy and items that need to find their way back into the garage or inside the house tend to just get left scattered around the outside. Ice chests from the last beach trip, BBQ pits, our kids’ bikes or sports equipment, and dozens of other items might be doing nothing more than creating tripping hazards all throughout your property. A little bit of daily tidying up will have that taken care of in no time.

Keep the Driveway and Walkways Clean and Clear

This is something that gets overlooked many times in regards to outdoor safety. Water hoses or sprinkler systems across driveways can be extremely dangerous, as can slick spots from oil or other vehicle lubricant leaks. Walkways that have various tools or objects lying around them or are unfinished and still have loose boards lying around are an accident waiting to happen.

Keep Outdoor Areas Well Lit at Night

One of the easiest safety upgrades a homeowner can make for 2020 is to increase their outdoor lighting. For most of us, it’s as simple as merely replacing a burned-out bulb from our existing exterior lamps that we just don’t use. Even if your home doesn’t have any outdoor lighting installed, there are numerous options available from easy installation battery-powered units to having a professional hardwire one into your electrical system.

2019 Holiday Home Improvement Gift Guide

As the holiday season sets in and you find yourself planning to get that perfect gift item for your
best friend and family member or you want to spruce up the look of your home with some home improvement project. Whatever you may have in mind, it makes a big difference when you do something that will help you remember the year 2019. Here are a few things that you would offer as a gift for home improvement to your friends and family members:


When glue doesn’t seem to do the trick in holding together broken widgets and bits or baubles, Bondic comes in handy. The liquid plastic welder helps in attaching pieces of objects together. It cures fast and lasts a long time.

Light Build Starter Set

We always want to save energy and controlling how the bulbs can help with this. The
WeMo LED Lighting system allows you to program the lighting in your home. You won’t need the light timers, you can use this Light Bulb Starter set when in the house or away. You will have the lights switch on when darkness sets in or when the sun goes down. You can even set the lights to turn on at certain times, whether at night or during the day. This lighting control set is going to change how you interact with your home.

Esky Wireless Item Locator

Sometimes it’s very frustrating when you cannot locate an item you placed in the home. It can happen to anyone! The Esky Wireless Item Locator can help you when you find yourself in situations where you cannot find an item in your home. It saves time and prevents frustration.

You can attach the receivers to some four items that you are likely to misplace. These could be the keys or other tiny items. When you press the color-coded buttons, you can easily locate the valuables. Keys can easily be located, but you can also put the receivers anywhere say, from inside the glasses case and next to your TV remove. This is a gift item that can help the elderly in the home when they want to search for an item they have misplaced.


The holiday season is the time when you experience increased traffic in the house. It could be your guests, friends, or work colleagues paying you a visit, or coming for a
get-together. The safety of your guests or even you is very important. You will probably want to know what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping so that you and your family or guests are protected.

GripStrip offers you safety by ensuring that stairs and other surfaces are free from slip and fall. GripStrip will provide safer footing while also preventing slips and falls. These stair grips are made of tough, long-lasting material. They are resistant to pressure washing, weather, salting, and shoveling. When you place them on the stairs or outside on sidewalks, they will not peel or rip. They will also accommodate the expansion and contraction of wood, ensuring that they fit correctly on the wooden surface.

Easy Goals to Accomplish Before Year End

The year is nearing the end and it’s a little frightening – so much anticipation, but little achieved. Days are flying by quickly and now you are feeling like time wasn’t on your side to get all the things on your “to do” list done.

The few days left can break or make your year-end accomplishment mood. Don’t worry, there is still time to squeeze in a few more projects that can make a big difference. 

Here are 5 things you can do that will help make an impact before the end of the year.

Patch the Holes in Walls: Your art-arranging project may have gone haywire or you can’t bear seeing the unsightly dings around your house. Try concealing the wall blemishes to create more character in your house. It’s a simple one-day project that will make a huge improvement to the entire home. With a surfacing compound and a puffy knife, repair the nail holes as well as other small wall imperfections. If large holes are a problem, use an adhesive patch and spread a drywall compound over the patch using a trowel. When the patch is dry, apply paint.

Learn How to Fold a T-shirt: The blouses, dresses, and button-downs are all vying for the little hanging space in the closet. Don’t hang up your T-shirts, instead, fold and keep them neatly on open shelving. T-shirts don’t make the cut to have their own hanger. Luckily, if folded the right way, the casual tops are a good fit for shelf space and drawers because they don’t crease or wrinkle easily, which is what happens with crisp dress shirts. You may have to do them a couple of times before you learn how to fold T-shirts, but when done, you won’t have to deal with sloppy cast-offs of shirts, anymore.

Make the Entrance More Inviting: Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner.  Your entrance mirrors your home’s interior space. Make a lasting impression on your guests with a touch of landscaping and cheery front-door color. It does magic to the curb appeal of your home. Add potted plants and a welcome mat near the entrance to spruce up the look front-door space. Illuminating the walkway allows your guests to stay safe when walking around.

Be Savvy on Storage: You need every other extra space available in your home. If the home doesn’t have closet space, you may want to place shelves and pegs in convenient nooks so you have places where you can hang, display, and store everyday necessities. It will help declutter your house.

Install GripStrips: If you entertain a lot around the Holidays, you might be wondering what can prevent guests from stumbling on slippery stairs.  For stair safety and safer footing, GripStrips are a great solution. Install GripStrips on outdoor stairs and slippery walkways to prevent slips and falls.  They are tough, long lasting and are easy to install in less than a minute per stair.

That’s it… you have just set yourself up to end the year in a rewarding way!

Leaf-Peeping Day Trips from Vancouver

As we roll into October,  splashes of orange,  red, and yellow are dotting the tree lines across British Columbia.  The crisp autumn air only adds to the excitement of the season and the anticipation of holiday gatherings and newly fallen snow. 

Although seasonal color decorates the landscape around Vancouver from mid-September to early November, the peak of this annual display occurs in October. That means it’s time to plan your leaf-peeping trips to witness the spectacular fall color the Vancouver area has to offer.

But, first, a little science to make your road trip conversations even more entertaining.

Why do leaves change color in the fall?

The initial impetus for autumn color is the changing photoperiod, or length of daylight, in the area. Daylight hours shorten, triggering the deciduous trees of Canada to begin shutting down for their winter dormancy.

During this waning process, a cork-like layer forms where the stem of the leaf meets a branch, stopping water and nutrients from reaching the leaf itself. In turn, the green chlorophyll in the leaf dies, revealing underlying pigments.

Road trip fun fact: Red Maple leaves are so vibrantly red due to sugars reacting with proteins to make anthocyanin, a purplish red pigment that turns grapes purple and apples red. The more sugar the leaf is storing, the redder it is.

Now, here are some of the best places to be awe-inspired by fall foliage in and around Vancouver, along with more road trip conversation starters.

Mt. Currie

Venturing 99 miles from Vancouver and driving through the Pemberton Valley, you’ll find Mt. Currie,  which provides fantastic views of mountains, rivers, and valleys cutting through the wilderness. Yellow is the showstopper here, and the Mt. Currie Trail offers even better views on foot.

Road trip fun fact: The Pemberton Valley is well-known for its seed potatoes, and the valley is potato virus free.

Merritt to Ashcroft

The 270-kilometer stretch between Merritt and Ashcroft takes you through the interior of British Columbia and offers many opportunities for stops along the way, like Logan Lake for a picnic or the Highland Valley Copper Mine not far from Ashcroft.

Uplifting fun fact: Over 18,000 hectares of mined land in British Columbia have been returned to their natural state.


Tofino is a small fishing town located on the west side of Vancouver Island. Located about 180 miles from Vancouver, it’s a great overnight or weekend trip any time of year, however, the area shines in autumn with magnificent fall color. 

Now’s the time to plan your road trip to see the amazing fall foliage in British Columbia before the leaves fall and Old Man Winter has you shoveling snow.

Cold, hard fact: With winter comes a greater risk of slips and falls.

So,  stair safety first!  Installing GripStrips non-slip treads on your outside stairs,  ramps, and wooden walkways will help protect you and your family from injury. If you’re searching for what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping, GripStrips for stairs are the ultimate in slip and fall prevention.

Stair Safety Ideas for Seniors

As a senior, there may come a time when you begin to have trouble using stairs, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop using them altogether. However, once you’ve become aware that you are having difficulty with stairs, you will notice that you encounter them everywhere.

Falls are the most common cause of injury to seniors due to a variety of reasons, including reduced vision, weakness, and loss of balance. Also, an inactive lifestyle may contribute to your loss of confidence on the stairs, as well as environmental factors like poor lighting, defective handrails, and substandard tread surfaces.

It’s extremely important to find a medical alert device with fall detection, but here are some ways that you can make any stairs safer for seniors.

Safety Tips

Let There Be Light

Of all the areas of your home, the stairs should have the amplest illumination. You can install something like a stair lighting kit or use low-glare overhead lighting to make sure each step is completely visible. Ensure that light switches are placed at both at the bottom and top of the stairs.

Clear the Deck

Loose rugs are a major tripping hazard and shouldn’t be used anywhere in your home, especially at the bottom or top of stairways. Also, always remove objects such as shoes or books, and make sure that landings don’t include furnishings that block the path.

Hold On

Handrails (on both sides of the stairwell if possible) should be installed once climbing and descending stairs becomes difficult. Position rails at elbow height and ensure that they are attached securely to posts and walls. 

Stay Current with Your Vision Care

Making sure that your vision prescription is current will help you avoid unnecessary falls. All the good lighting in the world won’t cancel out poor vision. If you have poor far vision, always wear your glasses when using the stairs, and remove reading glasses before using them. Adjust the position of your glasses with each entrance to the stairway.

Proper Footwear

Quality footwear is extremely important for seniors, especially when using the stairs. Shoes with low heels and slip-resistant soles are recommended.

Tread Lightly

If your stairs are made of a smooth surface non-slip treads can help ensure proper footing and improve the visibility of each stair edge.  GripStrips are a perfect solution.  Our anti-slip treads are tough, long lasting and come in 3 sizes and 4 colors so colors can be alternated on each step.  They are easy to install with just a screwdriver and won’t peel or rip.  GripStrips out perform traditional tape solutions and look great.  GripStrip® it for safer stairs in less than a minute.