Sunny weekends are best when you can find a nice balance between getting things done, and relaxing with some down time. If you’re looking to cross something off your to-do list that won’t take you all day, installing GripStrips is the perfect project.

How easy are GripStrips to install? Installation takes minutes, and all you need is a clean stair surface, a Phillips head screwdriver, and the correct size GripStrip! No drill required – just place the screws towards the outer rim of the pre-slotted holes, and tighten them down. Once it’s nice and tight, go back and loosen each screw a quarter of a turn. This last step allows the wood to expand and contract as needed with hot and cold weather, without altering the safety or efficacy of the strip. Make sure to use all the screws provided!

Placement is up to you; we recommend laying the strip down an inch or two from the front edge of the step. If you have wider steps or want extra grip, you can install two GripStrips per step.

Make sure you choose the correct size for your steps – if you have a smaller space, we recommend going with our smallest size (12 x 2). We don’t recommend cutting the strips down yourself, as this effect the pre-drilled holes in the strip and possibly create issues with durability.

GripStrips are designed for wood steps, and the screws that come included in the your set are specific to wooden surfaces. However, you can GripStrips on concrete or metal – you’ll just need to purchase the correct screws at your local hardware store, and pre-drill holes in the concrete or metal surface prior to installation.

So there you have it! Minutes to install, and lasts for years. Check out our online inventory on Amazon.ca and Amazon.com, or find us at your local retailer.

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