Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why GripStrips?

    GripStrips are a long lasting solution to a common problem. GripStrips are not a peel and stick product; they are made with plastic and are very durable. GripStrips are weather resistant and can be installed in virtually any weather conditions – you don’t need a dry day!
  • Are GripStrips easy to install?

    They are very easy to install. In less than one minute, you can have safer stairs. There’s no drilling required; all you need is a screw driver! Place the screws towards the outer edges of the pre-slotted holes and tighten them down. Then loosen each screw a quarter of a turn; this allows the wood to expand and contract with heat and cold weather without disturbing the strips. They are pre-punched and slotted for just this reason.
  • How do the strips perform in ice and snow?

    We always recommend you clear snow and salt any icy spots. GripStrips will not melt ice or snow, but the cleats may help prevent slips and falls providing additional traction for the foot/shoe. Salting and shovelling will not damage or compromise the integrity of your strips.
  • Can you install GripStrips on concrete?

    Designed for wood, GripStrips can be installed on concrete or metal with the appropriate screws (not included) to help provide safer footing. However, doing so may be more work because you have to pre-drill into the concrete/metal.
  • How long will installed GripStrips last?

    For typical residential use, you can expect your GripStrips to last several years. There is a five year UV pack within the raw material to help avoid the fading and crumbling one might expect from plastic. GripStrips were installed on a lottery prize home that saw over 100,000 descend the steps over a two week period; the GripStrips saw little to no wear and tear. Periodically, inspect your strips for wear and damage and replace as needed.
  • Can I cut the strips?

    It is not recommended that you cut strips. Instead, we suggest you use our smaller 12” x 2” GripStrips to accommodate the smaller areas.
  • Why should I install GripStrips? Nobody has slipped yet.

    Reduce your liability. It only takes one step to seriously hurt someone in your family or a guest. Don’t wait until someone gets hurt. Get GripStrips to help provide safer footing.
  • Where can I buy GripStrips? I can’t find a retailer in my area that carries all the colors and sizes?

    Our list of distributors continues to expand as our company continues to grow. Please visit our website, to find a retailer near you or, order on

Installation Tip

GripStrips are very easy to install. Screw placement and tightness are most important. The screws should be positioned towards the outer edges of the pre-slotted holes and should be tightened down firmly; and then loosened a quarter of a turn. This allows the wood/material to expand and contract with cold and hot temperature fluctuations. Ideally your GripStrips should have a slight movement left and right. For additional details, please refer to the instructions on the package and view a short video.


Falling is the third leading cause of unintentional injury related deaths and the number one cause of unintentional injury related deaths for those 65 and older – according to the Injury Facts report 2017 – National Safety Council USA.

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Customer Reviews

  • "Around here, moss grows overnight. It makes everything very slippery. My condo association recently installed Gripstrips on our wooden walkways that get slippery in the winter. They have reduced the number of people falling to ZERO this winter! We place them two feet apart, and it's enough to stop a skid before it becomes a fall. They are the best product ever. (I've used chickenwire stapled down (painful), and composition roof tiles (ugly). GripStrips are attractive and they work!! GREAT PRODUCT!!"

    Janey Bennett
  • "After discovering this product at a consumer tradeshow, I contacted GRIPSTRIP on behalf of a number of Strata Corporations that I manage. These buildings have now used GRIPSTRIPs on exterior wooden stair systems to reduce the likelihood of slip and falls and the product has proven to be very effective. On my personal strata in Whistler, BC, we have used this product on all of our exterior stair systems and the product has proven to work very well with both rain and snow and has been quite durable in spite of constant shoveling of snow from these stairs.

    Ross Ruddick, Strata Manager, CrossRoads Management