The History of GripStrip

The History of GripStrip

Imagine you’ve found your partner for life.  You get married and hope to have a couple of kids.  You secretly think about what you’d name those kids, should they arrive down the road.  The first step in settling down is to buy a house; so you do.  As a result you discover a business opportunity that will change your lives.  Wait.  THIS was not part of the plan.

This is our story.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

On move-in day, we excitedly walked around basking in our first house.  Excitedly planning what we’d do in the summer and coming up with garden ideas.  We had a basement access with wooden stairs down to the door.  The tread that had been put on the month before, had already come up due to the cold weather. We decided we would fix it immediately and that week searched for something to put down on our stairs.  There wasn’t anything viable on the market.  We saw roof tread or chicken wire.  But nothing that was simple and durable. That’s when the lightbulb went off and GripStrip was born.


Steve and Kari-Ann on their wedding day.

After designing and purchasing a mold and knocking on a lot of doors, we started selling! 10 years later, we have two kids and a business that is growing. We, proudly, provide a product that helps prevent slips and falls.  It’s also affordable and easy for anyone to put down themselves. Who would have thought that because we wanted to do something as easy as making our wooden stairs safe, a whole business would bloom! 

Is it easy working with your partner and rarely spending time apart?  Definitely not.  Do we sometimes have disagreements and then immediately have to speak to a vendor.  Sure do.  Are we perfect in finding the balance between being a couple and work partners?  Not every day. But we’re really good together.  And we’re so proud of what we’ve accomplished. 

So in this month of Valentine’s and love and in the year of our 10th wedding anniversary, we raise a glass to us and to you for letting us share our journey with you. 


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  • « Ici, la mousse pousse du jour au lendemain. Et tout devient glissant. L’association de mon complexe de condos a récemment installé des bandes Gripstrips sur nos trottoirs de bois qui deviennent très glissants durant l’hiver. Grâce à ces bandes, nous avons réduit le nombre de chutes à ZÉRO cet hiver! Nous les avons installés à intervalles de deux pieds et cela suffit à arrêter un glissement avant qu’il se transforme en chute. Il s’agit du meilleur produit que j’ai jamais vu.

    Janey Bennett
  • « Après avoir découvert ce produit à une foire commerciale, j’ai communiqué avec GRIPSTRIP au nom de plusieurs associations de complexes de condos que je gère. Ces édifices utilisent maintenant les bandes GRIPSTRIP sur des escaliers de bois extérieurs pour réduire les possibilités de glissades et de chutes, avec une grande efficacité. Dans le complexe de condos où j’habite, à Whistler en Colombie-Britannique, nous avons utilisé ce produit sur tous nos escaliers extérieurs.