Walking Your Way to Health

Walking Your Way to Health

With the rise of fitness tracking and the onset of seasonally improved weather – there is no better time to take up walking.  In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, a ‘daily brisk walk can help you live a healthier life’.  Walking is free and easy on the joints!  Not only that, there are lot of benefits to walking and we are excited to explore them here.

Health Benefits

According to a Statistics Canada 2014 Health Report, with regular exercise we decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, high-blood pressure and even some types of cancer. Walking is the simplest way to achieve exercise goals.  Those with arthritis usually struggle with exercise options, but have often found success with walking.   The mental health benefits of walking are also fantastic.  Walking, especially in nature, can reduce stress and relieve anxiety and depression.  You may have heard of the Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ which is based on walking in natural surroundings to improve one’s well-being. So there you have it, walking can be quite inclusive (for those that are able) and can offer great health benefits. So if you’re not a walker, why not give it a try?

Woman Walking in Nature

Top Tips

To get the most out of your walking experience, here are our top tips to walking effectively:

  • Have the correct footwear that support your feet and have appropriate tread.
  • Engage in simple stretches before and after your walk to prevent muscle soreness.
  • Try to vary your routes to prevent boredom and drifting into a routine.
  • Always walk in bright areas, or bring a flashlight if you end up in dark places (like deep in the forest).
  • Watch for any tripping hazards in your path ahead.


We are big fans of walking and are so proud that GripStrips have a hand in keeping pathways and walkways safe for those getting outside. So if you do take up walking and are out in local parks and hiking trails, keep your eyes out for us and let us know how you do!


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