Outdoor Safety & Fun!

Outdoor Safety & Fun!


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We love the outdoors! It’s probably pretty obvious by now that we do.  We also love getting out in nature. Now that summer is in full swing we have some tips on how to make a trip outdoors safe and fun.

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 Sunstroke Prevention

This week on the West Coast of Canada we are expecting a heat wave, but even if you don't live on the west coast,  sunstroke is a possibility when going on a hike.  To prevent sunstroke or heatstroke: Always wear loose clothing, have lots of fluids on hand, grab that sunscreen and apply regularly, wear a wide-brimmed hat and try to avoid vigorous hikes at the hottest part of the day.

 First Aid Kit

It’s always good to be prepared, so why not drop a first aid kit into your backpack too!  They can be fairly lightweight and as long as you have anti-bacterial wipes, insect sting relief, gauze, bandages, anti-histamine, tweezers, pain relief medication, blister treatments and tensor bandages, you should be good to go!

 Compass and some Apps

When you’re out an about, have you relied on just your compass to get you where you’re going?  Maybe you’ve considered using an app for your mobile device to help you, too?  Here’s a link to Digital Trends latest list of best outdoor apps – we think they’re pretty cool and very helpful.

Map it out

It’s important to map out where you’re going in advance and also choose a hike/walk that’s suitable for all levels of fitness in your group. Let the slower person set the pace.  Assign someone who is not in your party to know your itinerary and check in with them when you’ve reached your destination.  It’s always a good idea to have someone aware of your plans in case something goes wrong and they can alert the authorities.

Avoiding Ticks

Getting a tick bite is never fun, especially as a tick can carry a variety of diseases.  Make sure you cover yourself (both your skin and clothing) with 20% DEET or more.  Wear light coloured clothing so you can see if a tick is making its way to your skin. Wear long pants and tuck them into your socks – you’ll look a bit silly but you will protect yourself!  Keep to the trail, ticks like to hang out in thicker vegetation, so if you’re on a path you’re less likely to attract them.

Watch Your Feet

Tripping and falling can be prevented by simply watching where you’re going.  Especially as not all paths and walkways have non-slip tread like GripStrips!  Make sure to have proper fitting shoes that are comfortable and have excellent tread, as well. 

We hope these few tips will help you to enjoy the outdoors as much as we do! We’d love your feedback; please let us know if we’ve given you something new to consider when trekking outdoors or not. And enjoy yourself this summer!


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    Janey Bennett
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