Habits to Start in 2020 for Outside Safety on Your Property

There are a number of things that a homeowner can do to help improve their accident prevention measures around the outside of their home as well as reducing the other various outdoor hazards that might exist. From low visibility at night to trips and falls in bad weather, there are a number of concerns for poorly equipped outside areas.

When you consider the fact that there are so many preventable accidents on residential properties each year, it only makes sense to make sure you take all the reasonable precautions that you can. With that in mind, we came up with 5 ways that you can improve the outdoor safety of your home by helping to prevent accidents and reduce other risks:

Perform Regular Mini-Inspections

Even if it is nothing more than doing a basic walk-around every three or four months to see if there are any issues arising such as loose boards or bricks, slippery rugs, or other tripping hazards around your home or property, it is still a good way to start practicing safety consciousness in the New Year.

Install Stair Treads on Stairs

Stair safety is extremely important in and around outdoor walkways. Anti-slip paint is one possible solution, but for those who aren’t interested in taking on a larger project such as stripping, sanding, and repainting, safety stair treads and stair grips are much more convenient. GripStrips are a great installation option.  They are easily installed in less than a minute and provide guests and visitors with increased stability and support. GripStrips are also weather resistant which is especially helpful when your walkways are exposed to the elements like rain and snow.

Declutter the Outdoor Area

Even though it is rarely on purpose, oftentimes we just get busy and items that need to find their way back into the garage or inside the house tend to just get left scattered around the outside. Ice chests from the last beach trip, BBQ pits, our kids’ bikes or sports equipment, and dozens of other items might be doing nothing more than creating tripping hazards all throughout your property. A little bit of daily tidying up will have that taken care of in no time.

Keep the Driveway and Walkways Clean and Clear

This is something that gets overlooked many times in regards to outdoor safety. Water hoses or sprinkler systems across driveways can be extremely dangerous, as can slick spots from oil or other vehicle lubricant leaks. Walkways that have various tools or objects lying around them or are unfinished and still have loose boards lying around are an accident waiting to happen.

Keep Outdoor Areas Well Lit at Night

One of the easiest safety upgrades a homeowner can make for 2020 is to increase their outdoor lighting. For most of us, it’s as simple as merely replacing a burned-out bulb from our existing exterior lamps that we just don’t use. Even if your home doesn’t have any outdoor lighting installed, there are numerous options available from easy installation battery-powered units to having a professional hardwire one into your electrical system.

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