Put Safety First this Winter with GripStrips

Although winter often arrives around the same time every year, we find that not many people are prepared for it. As the temperature falls and everything turns to ice, the home that was perfectly safe during the other seasons might need some reinforcements to stay that way for the chilly winter months. Life doesn’t slow down when it gets cold out and your everyday tasks usually stay the same. You’re just going through the motions with a few more layers of clothes and turning the heat up. A slip can flip yourday upside down. When winter arrives there are just a few things you must consider for your safety so that you can go about without any interruption in your schedule. To avoid this, we have a product that will make your surfaces that much more slip resistant. See why our slip proof product is great for winter safety:

Safety stair treads

Commercial business environments or homes with a lot of foliage and trees around can be a bit challenging in terms of dirt and debris accumulation on surfaces. This makes them quite slippery and can be very unsafe, especially in the winter. Your exterior stairs need some love during the winter. In case you have been worrying about what to put on outside steps to prevent slipping, then our non-slip treads are what you are looking for.

Non-slip treads make sure that your feet get a proper grip so that slipping and falling become virtually impossible. What’s more, you are guaranteed that there will be no ripping or peeling since our product is durable and weather resistant. These anti-slip stair treads will make sure that even when it’s freezing cold with snow or rain, you have the grip required to go up and down the stairs without falling.

They not only give your stairs a new look, but also add more grip between the shoe and the surface to prevent you from slipping and hurting yourself. They also work like stair grips in the sense that they create a better grip, thereby enhancing stair safety. In most cases, when people fall on the stairs, they are left hurt and can break several bones if the fall was hard enough.

While slipping occasionally is just nature, you can do your part in making sure your stairs are as safe as they could be for you and your visitors. Here are a few simple tips to avoid slips, trips, and falls during the winter season: Keep walkways, stairways, and other work areas clear. Remove hazards, such as water on floors and snow on sidewalks, immediately. When walking, look where you are going and have your hands ready to steady yourself should you slip.

There is great value in knowing with every step you take that each will be safe and slip-free. There is no need to worry this winter season about slipping, tripping, or falling if you have GripStrips.

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