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Wooden stairs or boardwalks in your backyard look amazing – keep them looking great and lasting longer with a little bit of TLC! One of the drawbacks to using wood as your main material for exterior stairs is the wear and tear than can happen over time due to weather exposure. But, there are a few things you can do to help keep your wood in great shape:

Replace The Rot

See a rotten spot? Don’t repair it – replace it. And the sooner, the better. Take the whole step out, even if only a small portion is showing signs of rot. Then make sure to use treated wood as its replacement, and use a sealant or paint to give it an extra layer of protection.

De-Flake and Re-Paint

Don’t put off repainting when your paint starts flaking. Just make sure to completely scrape off any old paint and give it a good sanding before you put on a fresh coat of exterior paint. Also a good excuse to brighten up the colour scheme? Think outside the creams and browns and imagine what your steps would look like in a fun green, yellow or red colour!

Fill In The Cracks

You may find cracks appearing in your wood steps – this is from expansion and contraction due to changing weather conditions. When you see a crack appear, carefully remove any loose wood and fill the crack with wood filler. This will allow the wood to do its expansion-contraction thing without further damage, and prevent moisture from getting in and causing rot.

Break The Mould

Finding mould or mildew on your stairs? First, find the water source and fix that – it’s likely a leak in a gutter or down spout. Once you’ve remedied the source of the water, you can use a fungicide on the wood to get rid of the mould. Rinse the stairs, let them dry completely, and then … you guessed it! Paint or seal to boost protection.

Get A Grip

Add some extra grip to your stairs with GripStrips, available in several different sizes and colours to suit every step. Easy to install with a screwdriver, these handy strips out-perform traditional grip-tapes and look great. Check us out on amazon.com and amazon.ca!