North America plunges into deep freeze!

Here on the west coast, the weather is gorgeously sunny but a little on the chilly side. We’re not complaining though … this week, the entire centre of North America is plunging into a deep freeze. According to weather reports across the US, more than 75 per cent of Americans will experience below-freezing temperatures this week. Temps in some Central Canadian provinces and central US states will drop lower than the North and South poles! Now THAT’s cold.

So, we want to make sure all our customers across the continent stay and warm through the cold snap! Here are a few tips:

Avoid unnecessary trips to the grocery store or other errands that can wait. This is a great time to dig to the back of your pantry and ask Alexa what to make out of those random ingredients you have stashed away! Roads are icy and let’s be honest – it’s a lot of work to get all bundled up for those pesky errands, and just not worth the frostbite or car trouble.

If you can swing it, get your work done from warmth and comfort of your home office. You can even download a time-tracker app to keep an honest account of your work hours from home.

Alas, it may not be possible to ride out the cold snap at home, so if you must go out, layer, layer, layer! The key is stay warm, but not hot. If you sweat, you’re wet, and if you’re wet, you’re asking for trouble. Unzip a layer if you’re feeling a little too warm. Don’t forget to cover your head, nose, fingers and toes, as these areas lose heat quickly and are most susceptible to frostbite.

If you got ahead of the game and put down some Gripstrips on your steps before the big freeze of 2019, well done! If not … it’s not too late! When things defrost to more comfortable winter temps, get out there and Gripstrip those front or back stairs to your home or business to avoid slips and falls thanks to frost and ice. There are lots of options for size and colour available on,, or these local retailers.

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