6 Places To Use Gripstrips

6 Places To Use Gripstrips

Slip and fall accidents can be very scary and in some cases, can lead to major injuries. To prevent these dangerous accidents from happening, you need to address this problem and the use of an anti-slip solution will help eliminate such hazards. Most anti-slip tape doesn’t last very long, it wears down, rips, and peels, and once exposed to water the adhesive often weakens…and you need dry weather to apply it. With GripStrips, all of these problems are solved! 

GripStrips are ideal because it increases the friction between shoes and the ground’s surface, so the person will not slip. This product can be used in all types of workplaces, including warehouses, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and schools and they should be placed in the following locations:


Stairs can be extremely dangerous because a slip can result in a serious injury but GripStrips will prevent this from happening. Apply this product on every step to prevent workers and visitors from slipping. You can easily apply this product to any wood or metal stairs, they are also weather-resistant to keep people safe all year long.


Areas where elevation changes require GripStrips because they tend to experience a lot of slip and fall accidents. The chances of someone falling are even higher when the surfaces are slippery, so make sure you install GripStrips on all of the ramps in your workplace.

Building Entrances

Water will enter a building through people’s shoes and this can lead to dangerous consequences. There is always a greater risk of someone falling whenever it’s raining or snowing but GripStrips will prevent such accidents, so workers and visitors will not fall when they enter the building. GripStrips will protect people when they step in a puddle or when their shoes are wet, so make sure you apply this product at every entrance.

Loading Docks

These are high-traffic areas where trucks and shipments enter and exit the building, so there will be several workers present at all times to load and unload these items. If the weather is wet, this area will become slippery and this is problematic, especially if there are ledges or ramps. The combination of all these aspects makes loading docks extremely dangerous, so it’s important that you add GripStrips.


Similar to loading docks, this area can get wet very fast, so it’s a must that you add GripStrips along any pedestrian walkways to prevent slip and falls.

Food Service Areas

This is another common area where accidents often occur because of liquids that spill on the floor. It’s also possible for moisture to accumulate and for pipes to leak, so kitchens and food service areas need to be monitored constantly to ensure they are safe. GripStrips can be installed throughout this area because this will make a significant difference.

GripStrips will make any building safer, so you will have peace of mind knowing you and your employees are working in a safe environment. GripStrip can help in this regard, so if you are looking for anti-slip stair strips and are interested in adding grip for your stairs, install our product today!