How To Select The Right-sized Treads For Your Outdoor Staircase

How To Select The Right-sized Treads For Your Outdoor Staircase

Stair treads are a very simple and affordable way to add a nice aesthetic flair to any business. Treads are also fast and easy to install and can be applied to stairs without the help of a professional. GripStrips makes top-quality stair treads for outdoor use and can ensure safety by preventing slippery stairways. Treads can definitely serve a lot of advantages for your stairs, but how do you select the right size?


Most stair treads are not designed to be wrapped around the stair, since they only sit on the top. For that reason, the length of the tread is limited to the size of the average step, usually ranging between 8 and 10 inches long. In order to determine the length, you need for your stairs, measure starting from the back of the step to the front of the step. The measurement you will have in hand is the maximum stair tread length that you can buy.


Stair treads come in a variety of widths, which determine the area of the stair that is going to be covered. The width of stair treads can vary, and be as narrow as 22.5 inches or as wide as 36 inches. Wider stair treads are found being used outdoors.


While looking for stair treads, the quantity that needs to be purchased should be considered as well. Before shopping, count the number of stairs on your outdoor staircase to figure out how many pieces you will need, and if there is a specific set that will have that amount. 


When deciding which material is best for your needs, it’s best to choose something that can endure the average foot traffic and wear and tear that occurs while using the stairway.

Stair treads are indeed very convenient for businesses with outdoor staircases. Whether your staircase is long, short, wide, or narrow, GripStrips can provide you with the right individual, anti-slip stair treads to match your needs. We also offer many different styles of stair treads that can match your business’s aesthetic. Check out our amazing selection to find the right size and colour that will make your business look and feel more professional. Contact us today!