Keep Your Stairs Clear This Winter

Keep Your Stairs Clear This Winter

The winter season is challenging for many reasons, and ice and snow can cause walking and driving to become very dangerous. This is especially true when it comes to outdoor stairs, so you have to be very careful because slipping on icy stairs can result in serious and very painful injuries.

Certain stair precautions will help eliminate this risk, and the following tips will help prevent slip and fall accidents on outdoor stairs this winter:

Shovel Your Outdoor Staircase Regularly

You have to shovel your stairs; otherwise, the snow can freeze, and your stairs will be covered in ice. Cleaning your outdoor stairs is something that needs to be done regularly to prevent accidents, so keep a shovel near your door so that it’s handy. It is also important that you de-ice regularly, so make sure you have a bag of salt at all times to sprinkle your steps. Shovelling is not fun, and it can sometimes be time-consuming, but it is extremely important that you take this step because it will make a big difference and help keep you and your employees safe.

Make Sure Your Outdoor Stairs are Clutter-free

Decorations may look nice on your stairs and porch, but they should not get in the way, and the steps must be clear of such items so that people can climb up and down safely. Your railings must be usable at all times, and the steps themselves must be visible and clear; otherwise, they can be extremely dangerous. The holidays, in particular, are very exciting, but it’s important not to get carried away with your decorations to ensure your stairs are safe for your customers and employees.

Use GripStrips

This is a very simple step that can make a very big difference, so it’s an option every business owner should consider. GripStrips will add some extra stability to your stairs, and they will be much safer as a result of this product. GripStrips will provide you with peace of mind during the winter months, so it’s definitely worth the purchase, and there are different options you can consider because they are available in a variety of treads, so take a look at what is being offered and make your selection based on your staircase.

GripStrip is a great product that will provide you with peace of mind, so if you’re looking to increase safety on your outdoor staircase this winter, our product is ideal. Whether you are looking for outdoor anti-slip strips or anti-slip stair treads, our product can help, so contact us today for more information!