Slip and Fall: Injury Statistics

Slip and Fall: Injury Statistics

Injuries from slips on stairs outdoors increase during winter often because of poorly maintained stairs.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over one million Americans suffer a slip, trip, and fall injury and over 17, 000 people die in the U.S. annually because of these injuries. Slip, trip and fall injuries make up 15 percent of all job related injuries, which account for between 12 and 15 percent of all Workers’ Compensation expenses.

Unfortunately, Slips and fall are worse in Canada especially for elder people. According to Survey done by WHO, Outdoor falls are more likely to occur among people younger than 75 years, which suggests that they are more active and mobile, whereas indoor falls occur more frequently among those who are more frail, generally those age 75 years and older.

Chart shows the major location of falls. Fifty-six percent of falls occur outside the home such as in the yard, on the street, or in a public place. Falls that occur inside the home happen most frequently in bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms. Other falls occur in the bathroom, on the stairs, or from ladders and step stools.

Slip and falls accidents can cause other complications including:

  • Death
  • Incapacitation
  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Long-term medical complications
  • Head trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries

The CDC reports that almost 1,800 older Americans die every year from falls and fall related injuries in nursing homes across the nation.   The Center estimates that nursing home residents account for 20% of all deaths from falls in persons 65 years of age and older.


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