Slip & Fall Prevention: How To Fix My Slippery Stairs

Slip & Fall Prevention: How To Fix My Slippery Stairs

If you’re looking for the best way to increase grip on your slippery outdoor stairs, keep reading! Most outdoor stairways are made from wood, rock, or metal, and these surfaces can be slippery to walk on, especially when it rains or snows. Regular treads will wear out over time and need replacing, and any coating or finish on new stairs can be very slippery for you and your visitors.

Should you switch from anti-slip tape to GripStrips?

There are many reasons why you might want to switch from one type of stair tread to another type. It can be for aesthetic reasons or maintenance reasons. Some prefer to have cushioning and sound dampening characteristics on their exterior stairs.

But simply switching the type of material your stairway is made from won’t solve your slip woes. So, if you’re thinking of switching for that reason only, you may want to reconsider. The one thing that you can do is increase traction on each step to make your stairway anti-slip.

If you have an environment where self-adhesive anti-slip tape cannot be applied quickly or reliably, you can also opt for GripStrips. Using screws, our anti-slip solution can be screwed in and applied very quickly, and can provide durable anti-slip stair treading. GripStrips are made from rigid plastic, which is more aesthetically pleasing than metal plates and easier to install. They are also longer lasting than anti-slip tape.

So how do you go about increasing traction on each step? One solution is to make sure that you are wearing the appropriate anti-slip footwear.

Stair treads can be a great option, however, they can be unsightly as they will change the look of your stairs. If you are looking for a solution that also blends in with your existing exterior design, then we recommend our anti-slip GripStrips! They are easy to install and easy to remove, as well as affordable and they will provide superior anti-slip traction on every step.

We encourage you to have a look at our non-slip solutions for improving the traction on your stairways. We offer unique solutions for every type of outdoor stair, and you can find the solution to your slippery stairs today.

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