Tips For Using Anti-slip Gripstrips In High-traffic Shopping Areas

Tips For Using Anti-slip Gripstrips In High-traffic Shopping Areas

One of the most common incidents that occur in high-traffic stair areas is slips and falls. These slips and falls can cost you and your business thousands in liability suits. Even if you haven’t had any guests fall, all it takes is one to change everything. Take precautionary measures by installing GripStrips in high-traffic areas. Some of the highest traffic areas include the entrance and exit and the stairs or ramps that lead to them. These are places you should seriously consider adding grip if nowhere else!

Benefits of GripStips in High-Traffic Areas

When you add GripStrips to high-traffic areas, you immediately reduce the likelihood of customers and employees slipping and falling if the area is wet.

Safer for customers

Shoppers will be safer when you install grip on high-traffic ramps and stairs. You can take a deep breath knowing all your customers can safely enter and exit the building in the highest traffic areas.

Safer for employees

Customers aren’t the only people who can enjoy a higher level of safety. Your employees are just as valuable to the business. By installing GripStrips in areas and on stairs your employees frequent most, you limit the chance of workplace accidents.

Show you care

Next, by installing grip solutions, you show that you care about the health and safety of everyone in your establishment without even saying anything!

Don’t worry about spills or weather

Cleaning up spills inside and outside takes a lot of time out of your day. When your establishment is the busiest it gets, you may not have time to clean up each spill immediately. GripStrips can ease the urgency of cleaning messes because they remain effective despite weather conditions and spills (it’s still best to clean them up as soon as you can, of course).

Tips for Using Anti-slip GripStrips in High Traffic Areas

Best installed on wood

GripStrips are easiest to install on wooden surfaces. Wood is one of the most slippery materials when wet or icy. GripStrips remain effective throughout each and every season! While GripStrips are designed to be installed on wood surfaces, they work just as well on both metal and concrete as well. The only difference is that holes must be predrilled and the correct screws should be used. 

Watch how you screw them in

To maximize the effectiveness of your GripStrips, pay attention to how you screw them in. Ideally, you want to allow some room for the wood beneath to expand and contract with the weather. Ensure you don’t screw your GripStrips in too tight by loosening a quarter of a turn past firmly installed. See here for more installation tips!

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