Transform Your Outdoor Experience with GripStrip: The Ultimate Non-Slip Solution

Transform Your Outdoor Experience with GripStrip: The Ultimate Non-Slip Solution

There is something wonderfully liberating about walking barefoot along a dock or beside a pool, feeling the sun-warmed boards beneath your feet. But this simple pleasure can sometimes be marred by the fear of slipping. 

Now, imagine a world where you could eliminate that fear entirely, enabling you to enjoy every outdoor moment with confidence and peace of mind. Welcome to the world of GripStrip, the ultimate non-slip tread solution that aims to revolutionize outdoor safety.

Redefining Outdoor Safety with Comfort

Every fun-filled day at the dock, by the pool or hot tub should be all about enjoyment and relaxation, not about worrying over a potential slip and fall. GripStrip Products Ltd. has now designed a barefoot version to address this concern with its unique non-slip treads.

Crafted meticulously from a material that offers a secure grip, these newest treads are engineered to keep your feet firmly planted even when wet. The key lies in the material's ability to still provide substantial traction, preventing the dock or poolside area from becoming a potential slip hazard. This ensures you can enjoy your barefoot strolls without the nagging worry of a mishap.

Moreover, GripStrip's thoughtful new design, the barefoot/pet friendly version, not only delivers security and aesthetics but also ensures comfort underfoot, a crucial element often overlooked in traditional non-slip solutions.

Installation Simplicity: Safety within Everyone's Reach

Perhaps the most significant advantage of GripStrip, apart from its outstanding safety features, is the ease of installation. You won't need an arsenal of complicated tools or advanced DIY skills. Instead, the treads can be fitted easily using just a standard screwdriver and the screws provided.

This simplicity extends to the removal process as well. If there's a need to relocate or replace a tread, you can do so without any hassle, making GripStrip a user-friendly solution for everyone.

Enduring Protection: Built to Last

When we talk about outdoor solutions, durability is a non-negotiable feature. GripStrip delivers on this front with its high resilience. These treads can endure the rigours of weather, pressure washing, shovelling, and even salting. Despite facing such potentially damaging conditions, they show no signs of peeling or ripping.

In addition to their toughness, GripStrips are reusable. Unlike adhesive products, these treads adhere to surfaces using the provided black screws. This enhances their longevity, delivering a cost-effective, long-term solution for a safer outdoor environment.

Versatility for Varied Outdoor Spaces

GripStrip is not a one-trick pony; these treads can be utilized across a variety of outdoor areas. From porches and separate entry stairs to decks, docks, ramps, scaffolding, and boardwalks, GripStrip can make virtually any outdoor space safer. They are a go-to solution for any location where slips and falls could be a concern.

Ease of Maintenance: Hassle-Free Upkeep

Despite their robust nature and superior safety features, maintaining GripStrip is straightforward. Regularly checking and adjusting the screws ensures optimal operation, especially if the treads were installed during colder temperatures. As seasons change and the weather warms, some adjustments might be necessary to maintain perfect functionality.

If your GripStrips appear worn or damaged, immediate replacement is recommended. This way, you ensure that your outdoor spaces remain safe and slip-free at all times.

Embrace the Freedom of Secure Movement

GripStrip is more than just a safety accessory. It represents a promise of security, allowing you to enjoy outdoor spaces with newfound confidence. These long-lasting, reusable treads come in various sizes, offering a versatile safety solution that meets individual needs.

These treads are designed to stand up to extensive use and harsh weather conditions without compromising safety or comfort. The included screws, suitable for use in ACQ-treated wood, further reinforce the commitment to quality and safety that GripStrip represents.


In an era where outdoor safety is increasingly paramount, GripStrip stands as a game-changer. This innovative non-slip solution can be an essential addition to any outdoor space, effectively minimizing the risk of slips and falls. With GripStrip, you can say goodbye to worries and hello to an enhanced outdoor experience.

Are you ready to redefine your outdoor experience? Then it's time to learn about GripStrip. We are a pioneer in the industry, committed to revolutionizing outdoor safety with our innovative, high-quality products. Browse our selection or contact us directly to discover how GripStrip, the ultimate non-slip solution, can transform your outdoor spaces. 

Don't let worries about slips and falls keep you from enjoying your outdoor moments to the fullest. Choose GripStrip, invest in your safety, and let peace of mind become your constant companion.

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