Where Gripstrips Can be Installed

Where Gripstrips Can be Installed

While GripStrips were inspired and designed to solve the problem of slippery wood steps, there are so many uses for these handy strips, all around the house! GripStrips come in several size and colour options, and are available at select retail outlets, and online and both Amazon.com and Amazon.ca!


You know that old painting ladder you have lying around the house? Those wooden ladders are great, but the last thing you want to do is slip thanks to worn-out soles on your old painting shoes. Get a grip with the smallest GripStrip size, placing one on each step and one down the centre at the very top platform step. You can even place one or two on the painting 


Plastic step-stools come with textured plastic bumps to prevent slips, but wooden stools don’t. Keep your little ones safe with a GripStrip on each step and maybe two on the top for extra grip on the highest standing platform. You even have a few colours to choose from, so make it fun and go with something bright!


Playhouses and other wooden backyard structures take a lot of punishment – add on exposure to the elements and winter weather like snow and rain, and that wood will get slippery and worn quite quickly. Screw down some GripStrips and make sure your outdoor play areas stay safe, all year round.


Plywood ramps are often added to houses to increase accessibility to front and back doors for homeowners who have begun using a wheelchair. Once you have your height-distance ratios sorted out and the ramp is in place, complete the project with GripStrips every one-and-a-half to two feet to make sure your wooden surface is non-slip and wheelchair-safe