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Why GripStrips?

The GripStrips Grip Tape are a long lasting solution to a common problem. GripStrips are not a peel and stick product; they are made with plastic and are very durable. GripStrips are weather resistant and can be installed in virtually any weather conditions – you don’t need a dry day!

How long will installed GripStrips last?

For typical residential use, you can expect your GripStrips Grip Tape to last several years. There is a five-year UV pack within the raw material to help avoid the fading and crumbling one might expect from plastic.

The GripStrip was installed in a lottery prize home that saw over 100,000 people descend the steps over a two-week period. The GripStrip showed little to no wear and tear.

Periodically, inspect your strips for wear and damage and replace as needed.

Why should I install GripStrips? Nobody has slipped yet.

You are one slip or fall away from a guest, colleague, or family member seriously injuring themselves.

GripStrips can provide peace of mind that you are taking the proper precautions to avoid the worst-case scenario.

Can you install GripStrips on Concrete?

Designed for wood, GripStrips can be installed on concrete or metal with the appropriate screws (not included) to help provide safer footing. However, doing so may be more work because you have to pre-drill into the concrete/metal.

Can I cut the GripStrip?

It is not recommended that you cut your GripStrips. Instead, we suggest you use our smaller 12” x 2” GripStrips to accommodate the smaller areas.

Where can I buy GripStrips?

Our list of distributors continues to expand as our company continues to grow. All colors and sizes are available here on our website.

Why would I use anti slip grip tape?

We recognize that there are times when making holes into a surface isn't feasible, yet the area gets slippery. Installing a high-quality adhesion product is a great solution to help provide safer footing.

How long will the tape last?

We know that tape won't last as long as a plastic GripStrip, however, we have sourced a PVC based product that will be more durable than regular anti slip tape. When installed correctly the tape can last months or years depending on conditions i.e. interior vs. exterior, residential vs. commercial.

What is the return policy?

We stand behind our product and if there are any defects with the product we will replace it or refund your payment promptly. 

Return policy: We will accept a return within 30 days from the date of delivery. Product must be shipped back with reason for return and complete with all components/pieces including screws. Once the product is received then refunds will then be provided to the original form of payment less 10% restocking fee.

 Please contact customerservice@cgsproductsltd.com for a return authorization number and appropriate return address for your country. 

Grip Strip Anti Slip treads and non slip Tape For Stairs Gallery Image
  • Does not slip in the rain!

    I tried adhesive non-skid. It got waterlogged and no longer stuck to the handicapped ramp. These may cost just a little more, but they don't get waterlogged and come loose. Well worth the money! Very satisfied.


  • My second set

    I bought to finish outside steps at beach house. First set worked great, great traction, easy to install, and with buying the yellow easier to see at night. Would recommend to others.


  • Would buy it again.

    Excellent product. Used it on wooden outdoor steps to prevent falls. Would buy it again for other projects.


  • Great slip protection for composite decking stairs.

    I recently had some composite stairs put it and when they got wet they were very slippery ( almost like walking on ice ). These went on ease and look like they'll be much more durable than the stick on tape solutions


  • Delivered as promised.

    I installed the grip strips and have made my wood stairs a lot safer when they are wet. I would recommend highly especially for wooden steps which can become quite slippery when wet. They work !!!!!


  • These are amazing.

    They work as stated. Rain or snow I feel safe with these stairs treads. Thank you!


  • Excellent product for my outdoor rear deck.

    Reasonable priced and very fast shipping. Will buy it again.


  • Excellent product, no more slipping on the stairs!

    Easy to install, rugged, looks great but most important they work!! Very happy with these stair strips.


  • I simply can't say enough about this company

    The immediate and personal response I received from them as they solved the shipping issue and kept me in the loop. It's rare these days for companies to treat a customer with such dedication to service. The ones my daughter bought for me two years ago look almost new. I purchased more to cover outside steps and wholeheartedly recommend them.


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Anti slip Strips for Stairs - Non Slip Grip Tape - Stair Treads

About Us

Established in 2007 CGS GripStrip Products Ltd. introduced the GripStrip®. Designed & Built-in North America, shipping across in Canada and USA..

GripStrip's Anti-slip Stair Treads ensure secure footing and can help reduce the risk of slips and falls on many surfaces, stairs, ramps, boardwalks, bridges, docks and decks. They are durable, long-lasting, and reusable. GripStrips can withstand weather conditions, pressure washing, shoveling, and even salting without damage. 

Each GripStrip Anti-Slip Stair Tread comes pre-punched and slotted, eliminating the need for drilling holes, just screw them in and you’re done! The slots are designed to accommodate the natural swelling and contraction of wooden stairs due to moisture changes. The specialized screws are designed to lay flush with the treads and are coated to help resist the corrosion associated with treated wood.

We understand that there are situations where a screw-down product isn't practical or feasible for your stairs or floor. Therefore, in 2020, we sourced what we believe to be a superior PVC-based anti-slip tape.

In 2023 we introduced a Barefoot/Pet friendly version of our most popular size and color. While providing the same great traction, this version is a little less aggressive for bare feet or your pets pads.

Learn More
  • Anti Slip Stair Treads

    GripStrip treads are the ideal anti-slip solution for any slippery surface, ensuring safe footing for anyone using your stairs, deck, ramp, dock or walkway. These durable, UV-protected strips are easy to maintain and can withstand all weather conditions, as well as salt, shoveling, and pressure washing. Gripstrips are a long term solution to a very common problem of slippery surfaces.

    Our durable GripStrip Anti-Slip Stair Treads are simple to install and provide extra traction for many exterior surfaces. They help homeowners, business owners, institutions and property managers as well as their guests and customers avoid slipping when entering or exiting their property or walking around.

  • Safety is Paramount

    In 2022, in the USA more than 100000 workers were injured and over 800 were killed due to slippage and fall-related accidents. The first step in accident prevention: proactive measures. You can install GripStrip non slip tape on wood or concrete for safer footing.

    With quick installation times, you can easily secure your new GripStrip using a Phillips screwdriver and the provided screws. Made in Canada, this durable plastic material can be installed in minutes, offering an excellent safety precaution that may help prevent slips for homeowners, schools, retirement communities, contractors, property management companies, and more. GripStrips do not rely on adhesive, ensuring a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing anti-slip solution for slippery surfaces such as floors and stairs.

    GripStrips come in four different colors: black, gray, beige, and "safety yellow" for enhanced visibility. They are available in over 1,000 stores across Canada and are shipped across the USA from warehouses in the USA.

    Whether you need GripStrips anti-slip solutions to ensure worker safety or to enhance the safety of your home, GripStrip is a superior choice that performs reliably in all weather conditions.

    By purchasing and installing GripStrips, you are ensuring the ultimate protection and safety for your family, employees, coworkers, or visitors. With multiple options and sizes to choose from, you’ll have a long-lasting and durable solution for optimal safety on all exterior stairs and surfaces.