Indoor Vs. Outdoor Stair Treads

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Stair Treads

Stair treads are practical, easy to use and highly effective in increasing safety, and they can be applied to indoor and outdoor staircases. They will help improve traction on the surface—stairways can be very dangerous, especially when they become wet. This will increase the chance of a slip or fall accident, resulting in severe consequences and injuries.

Stair treads will minimize the risk of accidents and wear and add many years to your staircase if installed correctly. When considering stair treads, however, you must pay attention to the material and design of your stairs to select the right product, as outdoor and indoor stairways may have different requirements.

Indoor Stair Treads

When choosing the stair tread material, you must first consider the environment because there are different kinds of stair treads, and your selection will depend on whether the staircase is indoors or outdoors. Vinyl, for example, is a very low-expenditure material and can come in various sizes and colours. While they can be installed outdoors, they can easily be damaged by harsh weather conditions and climatic changes. This is why vinyl is generally used indoors. Vinyl treads tend to have a shorter lifespan than their aluminum counterparts. When working with outdoor staircases, you will need a stronger and much more durable material because it will be exposed to harsher conditions.

Anti Slip Stair Treads: Sturdy and Weather Resistant

Outdoor staircases will need sturdier materials that are highly durable when exposed to elements like rain, sun and snow. Our plastic stair treads are ideal; long-lasting with an anti-slip protective surface, these stair tread installations can last years when properly installed and maintained. You can choose from various sizes and colours featuring safety traction with cleats on each strip that help enhance grip and stability. Our online store also provides PVC-based anti-slip tape for uneven surfaces or anywhere else that our plastic treads are not applicable.

Indoor staircases can also be susceptible to slips and falls, and additional friction is necessary to prevent accidents. Stair treads can help in this regard and can be installed easily to ensure people can go up and down safely without the risk of falling. In addition to protecting people and preventing injuries, stair treads will also protect your stairs' finish. This will increase the lifespan of your stairs, maintaining longevity while decreasing the maintenance needed throughout the years. 

Whether a staircase is indoors or outdoors, safety must be prioritized, and stair treads will help improve safety conditions for any staircase. This will prevent slip and fall accidents and bone-breaking injuries. 

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